What High Voltage Wear is about

Wear The #1 Union Printed USA made Lineman Apparel brand When stringing a 500 Line

 High Voltage Wear


High Voltage Wear is a Lineman Apparel company created for High Voltage Lineman by a Lineman. We strive to sell a true American made shirt.  We use vendors who grow, harvest, and manufacture all cotton in the USA then send these garments to a union printer. This gives our brand a true American-made feel that features the quality and craftsmanship you deserve for your apparel.


Designed to outfit High Voltage Lineman and their families, High Voltage Wear goes the extra mile to provide lineman with top designs and comfortable, premium apparel that’s better than what we were seeing in the marketplace. It’s our goal to be the best lineman apparel company in the industry, with your desires in mind.


Based out of Southern California’s Inland Empire region, we ship true American-made, union-printed apparel across the country, with high-quality t-shirt selections appropriate for warm climates such as our home state and heavier long-sleeve shirts and hoodies for typically cooler areas. But our website offers more than just simple t-shirt ordering. We research current industry trends and informational articles, and promote top brands that cover Lineman, Unions, and made in America apparel. Feel free to join our mailing list to stay in touch and get updates on all future content.


As a Lineman himself, our founder knows and understands that your trade is your craft. And what better way to represent your craft, your country, and the brotherhood than by wearing the #1 brand in the business. High Voltage Wear partners only with companies that share similar ideas and values. We strongly believe in the motto “an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay”, and know that a printing union helps workers have these same beliefs. Choose from the highest quality garments available so you can enjoy the best possible product for your money.


From apparel brands to packaging to printed labels, we proudly use USA vendors and union shops. Few things are more important than supporting your country as well as workers’ rights, local economies, creating American jobs, and showing heartfelt pride in your profession. Be sure to check back and learn more about our vendors and apparel as we post new content.


At High Voltage Wear, we know how important and overlooked your job can be.

We know who you are as a Lineman.

We know what you do for our country, keeping it safe and efficient, often at your own risk.

We know the hours you put in, and the time you have to spend away from your families.

We know exactly what it means to be a Lineman, because we are run by a Journeyman Lineman.

That’s why we want you to be comfortable, stylish, and enjoy the best Power Lineman apparel available.